DC generators

Nowadays, almost everyone can assemble and get their own independent source of electricity from solar products (they are called photovoltaic panels in the scientific literature).

Expensive equipment is eventually compensated by the opportunity to receive free electricity. It is important that solar products are an environmentally friendly source of energy. In recent years, prices for photovoltaic panels have fallen tenfold and they continue to decline, which indicates great prospects for their use.

The classical form of such a source of electricity will consist of the following parts: a solar battery (DC generator), a battery with a charge control device and an inverter that converts DC to AC.

Solar products consist of a set of solar cells (photovoltaic cells) that directly convert solar energy into electrical energy.

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Most solar cells are made of silicon, which has a fairly high cost. This fact will determine the high cost of electricity, which is obtained by using solar products.

The global sales market of solar products has grown more than 2 times in recent years. According to analysts, the demand for photovoltaic solar modules will be growing steadily in the near future. The combination of high demand with the spread and development of solar cell technology has led to the fact that the market has a large number of manufacturers, and their number is constantly increasing. A layman who is not familiar with the realities of the market, witnesses difficulties when making a choice among such a variety of brands and models in order to buy high-quality and reliable solar products.

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